Adorable Dog Pulls Chair To Sit Closer To Dad!

Adorable Dog Pulls Chair To Sit Closer To Dad!

There is a reason why dogs are known as the best friend anyone could have. That’s because they are loyal to a fault, and they will do whatever they can to spend more time with their humans. And all loving dog parents know that the feeling is definitely mutual.

But all of this cuteness can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. No matter how much you might love your dog, when you have something to do you would prefer them to be calm and give you a little bit of space.

And especially because of the pandemic, people have started raising dogs with a little bit of separation anxiety, who will show you exactly how clingy they can be when you try to leave for even a few minutes. And dogs will go to about any lengths to get your attention if you are working remote.

Even if dogs are loyal, sweet, and cuddly, that doesn’t mean they can’t be devious when they want things to turn out in their favor. And for this adorable dog, his plan was even more elaborate than anyone would have thought possible.

This dog’s shenanigans were caught on camera, in a video that is now viral. You can see that the dog is annoyed about the fact that his dad is caught at a computer, so he knew he needed to get creative if he wanted to catch his attention. He started dragging a chair from across the room, aligns it with his dad’s chair, and hops on. The dad is clearly amused, and the dog seems to be very proud of his idea, so it’s a win-win situation.

Image Credit: YouTube

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