Adorable Dog's Reaction To Seeing His Dad In The Mirror Is Epic!

Adorable Dog's Reaction To Seeing His Dad In The Mirror Is Epic!

Hide and seek is one game that we are probably most familiar with. For those of us who perhaps are not, it is a simple and fun game that involves one person hiding and the other person counting to ten before trying to find the hidden person (or people!).

Two pet parents, Shane and Lindsay of Irvine, California, have found that their golden pup absolutely loves this game! Moose, their 10-month-old Golden Retriever embraces the game with excitement, coupled with intense tail wagging. Recently, Shane and Lindsay were playing hide and seek with Moose, when Shane decided a good hiding spot would be behind a mirror.

Lindsay assists Moose in finding Shane, or the other way round, during the game. When Moose headed towards the bathroom, Lindsay encouraged him to “find dad”. Moose suddenly spotted his dad in the mirror but was utterly confused as to why he is not next to him. In the hilarious video that Lindsay posted, Moose’s facial expressions tell it all. First, he is ferociously hunting down his dad (tail wagging like mad!), but when he spots him in the mirror, his face goes “huh?”.

When Moose finally put two and two together, he got to his dad and excitement prevailed. Needless to say, the video went viral on social media and was shared on numerous occasions.

Moose clearly reminds us of the entertainment and importance that our four-legged family members bring to our lives. Even though they cannot speak, their actions certainly are louder than words. What a good boy!

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