Adorable English Bulldog Makes The Sound Of A Motor Cycle!

Adorable English Bulldog Makes The Sound Of A Motor Cycle!

Meet Jojo, an adorable English bulldog who thinks he’s a motor cycle and because he thinks he’s a motor cycle, he thinks its okay to make sounds like one! Really… someone should tell him!

Jojo the fur ball isn’t really a motor cycle and that’s just his way of playing with his mommy when she tries to grab his toy from his mouth! Now Jojo isn’t usually like this, but today, it’s like this for the world to see! But he’s growling, does that mean he is unhappy?

According to Canine Journal, “This is how they communicate and how they play. However, humans often misinterpret the sounds for aggression. On the contrary, this is simply a common way that dogs express their emotions verbally.”

“So be sure to consider their body language, facial expressions, and other behavior in reference to the growling sound before you assume that it is hostile. For most dogs, growling is part of play – even with their pets – and not a reason to worry.” Take a look at this motor cycle, I mean Jojo here and don’t forget to like and share it with your friends too!

Feature Image Source: Kay Goodson

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