Adorable German Shepherd Pups Finally Achieve The Impossible!

Adorable German Shepherd Pups Finally Achieve The Impossible!

Everyone meet Lizzy and Sissy, two adorable German shepherd pups who have today achieved the impossible! Yes talk about all the delicious smell and the treats – they knew nothing can stop them now!

These two fur balls don’t need any kind of training when it comes to opening the pantry door! Yes looks like today the achieved the impossible and may have already eaten whatever their furry hearts wanted 🙂 Talking about opening and closing doors, is there a way to teach your fur balls to do it? Yep!

According to DoggieBuddy, “You have a smart dog! He’s learning all sorts of new tricks. One trick that takes two separate steps to learn is opening and closing a door. Keep in mind that dogs can only open certain kinds of doors; it’s practically impossible for a dog to twist a doorknob. The way dogs open doors is by pulling a cloth or rope attached to a latch. When he pulls the latch, the door swings open. You can use this trick to teach your dog to let himself out, but only teach this if you have a fenced-in yard. You can use this trick for a variety of other uses, such as opening and closing the refrigerator door, or opening and closing a mailbox.”

Now take a look at these two fur balls learning to open the door on their own on page 2 below!

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