This Adorable (And Guilty) Pup's Eyes Will Melt Your Heart!

This Adorable (And Guilty) Pup's Eyes Will Melt Your Heart!

Puppies are very curious creatures, and they can get up to all sorts of messes when their parents aren’t looking. Without realizing it, they can do the naughtiest things and get themselves into trouble.

Usually, they’re also too young to convincingly hide evidence. It’s a good thing they’re too cute to be mad at!

Lily the 3-month-old golden retriever got herself in trouble while Mommy wasn’t watching her. She discovered a bottle of moisturizing cream and decided that it looked like a good snack. But after chewing into the bottle, she discovers that it definitely isn’t tasty and leaves it, hoping no one will notice. But Mommy sees the tooth marks. Uh oh!

Mommy tries to get her to confess to the crime by showing her the damage she’s caused, but the pup looks so sad and guilty that it’s impossible to remain angry! That’s how she gets out of all her naughty antics. Like and share away, people!

Feature Image Source: WildCreatures

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