Adorable Labrador Pup Celebrates Friday With Balls!

Adorable Labrador Pup Celebrates Friday With Balls!

Meet Benny, an adorable Labrador pup who’s enjoying his Friday morning with his favorite toys – all balls! His mommy and daddy are both in the backyard playing balls with him!

Benny the fur ball does this every Friday! Benny and his parents go out to their backyard and they play with their fur ball for as long as they can! So this Friday here they are, in their backyard, about to play, but Benny is too preoccupied!

Yes he’s been watching the camera too much and is probably wondering what’s all the hoopla about and this has caused him to be a little distracted! But these are some really awesome parents, don’t you think?!

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Feature Image Source: Benny’s Fun Fridays

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