Adorable Labrador Discovers The Joy Of MUD!

Adorable Labrador Discovers The Joy Of MUD!

Meet Hugo, an adorable labrador pup who went to the beach with his family and the one thing he thoroughly enjoyed was to cover himself and his tennis ball in mud! That must’ve been fun!

According to the original uploader on YouTube, “My black Lab Hugo having fun with his ball on the beach at Bamburgh, he left lots of large holes that week , but never quite got to Australia!” Yep this pup made holes the size of craters on the moon!

You might think I’m joking, but you really have to see this! The best part about the beach was sand and water and mud! There isn’t anything in this world this pup wouldn’t trade for a nice time at the beach! Take a look at this video and don’t forget to like and share it with your friends too!

Feature Image Source: Hugie Boogie Ankers

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