Adorable Labrador Pup Helps Patients Recover At A Hospital!

Adorable Labrador Pup Helps Patients Recover At A Hospital!

Everyone meet Galya, an adorable Labrador pup who’s doing the most beautiful service in the world – helping patients recover at the Wallingford Hospital! This is incredible and you’ve got to read it!

Galya is a 2 year old Labrador pup who’s officially working at the Wallingford Hospital as a healer! Trained by the Canine Companions for Independence for nearly two years, it was only after her training completed that she joined the hospital.

According to Kimberly Thompson, who handles marketing and communications at Gaylord, “She’s here specifically to work with patients in our spinal cord injury and brain injury programs. She will visit the patients…Maybe (physical therapy) wants somebody to walk a little farther. They’ll have the dog visit with the patient and then the patient is walking a little bit farther, walking the dog around the facility.”

According to her Heather Hancort, a registered nurse and Galya’s handler, Galya is super intelligent and knows about 50 commands! And since she joined the hospital, she has improved the morale and motivation of many patients! Take a look at Galya on page 2 below!

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Patients get to interact with Galya for anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. “It’s an interesting concept and it’s really working out so well there’s almost a waiting list for people that want to see her,” said Thompson. “It’s an exciting program, amenity, here at Gaylord Hospital.” Take a look at this video and don’t forget to like and share it with your friends too!

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