Adorable Labrador Pup Makes Exercising So Much Fun!

Adorable Labrador Pup Makes Exercising So Much Fun!

Meet this adorable labrador pup who’s making his daddy’s exercise routine so awesome and so fun that with a pup like that, the world would be slimmer and fitter in no time!

This adorable fur ball wants to make sure that his daddy doesn’t feel neglected so while he was busy doing the workouts, the fur ball decided to show him that he was there too, and that he wanted to help out, someway! Although exercising with your fur ball is fun and it keeps you motivated, but it can be dangerous for them if precautions aren’t taken.

According to Cesar’s Way, “Dogs should be evaluated by a veterinarian before starting a workout program. Also consider the dog’s age. Long distance workouts are not good for young and developing dogs and dogs that are too old may need to take it easy as well.”

“Work your way into a more intensive workout regimen. Start slow and always warm up. Gradually build up your and your dog’s stamina before attempting long and hard workouts.”

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Feature Image Source: Alexey Mendieta

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