Adorable Pup Can't Contain His Excitement After Meeting His Hero In Real Life!

Adorable Pup Can't Contain His Excitement After Meeting His Hero In Real Life!

Do you remember McGruff the Crime Dog? This animated, anthropomorphic pup was a gruff-looking spokesperson against crime, advocating for better personal safety and raising awareness for criminal behavior through the power of American television advertisements.

He first made his premier in the 80s, and though he’s lost some of his iconic popularity since, he’s still making the rounds in his trench coat and his ever-famous slogan: “Take a bite out of crime.” He may bring back a lot of nostalgia for those growing up in the height of his fame, but most people would assume he doesn’t have as many fans as he used to. But that’s not true! In fact, his number one fan loves him more than ever.

Greg Padden was walking through a New York City metro station one weekend where he spotted a meet-and-greet hosted by the police. Standing among them was a giant mascot of McGruff himself! The large humanoid pup was likely joining the cops to draw in some interested kids, but instead, he managed to attract his number one fan.

Who was this number one fan? One of the K9 officers himself! The pup was so overjoyed to see McGruff that he leapt all over him, wrapping him in hugs and covering his furry face in kisses. He kept jumping up and down, tail wagging a mile a minute, thrilled to meet a celebrity that he could really relate to!

Padden knew he had to capture a video of the encounter, and he did, after which he posted in on Instagram! Although the pup was supposed to be working, the officers around him decided to let him have his fun. Besides, it was a special occasion – you don’t get to meet your biggest role model every day!

Feature Image Source: iamthephototaker / Instagram

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