Adorable Pup Meets Mom's Crystal Ball - Knows The Perfect Way To Use It!

Adorable Pup Meets Mom's Crystal Ball - Knows The Perfect Way To Use It!

Can dogs see the future? Baja the chihuahua pup might just be able to – or, at least, he thinks he can!

A Reddit user with the handle Small RubyTouringHat decided to buy a crystal ball one day, and after that, her little pup Baja became entranced with it! After she placed it down on a book by her window for decorative purposes, she started to notice that the pooch wouldn’t stop approaching it.

The pup was highly fascinated by the round object. He would climb up and look right into it, as though he was truly looking into the future. The way he gazed at it was hilarious and very strange for a pup like him.

Then Mom found out just why Baja loved that crystal ball so much. You see, Baja likes to act as a watchdog, barking to alert his home of potential intruders. But the problem is that he can’t always see out of the living room window. This is because the room is beneath street level, and the blinds are kept half-closed so people outside can’t look in.

But the crystal ball, being a reflective object, presented Baja with a new opportunity. He could look at the ball and, through light refraction, he could actually see what was going on upstairs on the sidewalk! Mom took a look from his perspective and realized just what a good view he was getting!

So I guess Baja can’t really see the future. But what he can do is see something he never was able to do before, and that’s more than good enough for him!

Images & Feature Image Source: Reddit/SmallRubyTouringHat

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