Adorable Pup Takes A Secret Swim In Family's Pool!

While some dogs avoid water at all costs, there are others that absolutely love a good swim! Most of us have seen the viral videos on social media of dogs splashing in the waves, swimming laps in pools, and even taking a dive in a pond or two.

Some precious pooches, however, will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure they get their daily dip. Such is the story of the ever-so energetic Elliot. Elliot has always been an avid water lover. When his parents take a swim in their pool, he would whine to get their attention, so they could allow him to join. Because Elliot always asked for help to get into the pool, and because the pool is above ground, the family was happy to leave the pool open during the day.

One day, Elliot’s mom, Rose, had to let him out for a bathroom break. She returned to let him back in and she could not believe what she was witnessing. There, out of the corner of her eye, she caught Elliot climbing the pool ladder by himself. It then dawned on her that he was sneakily capable of getting into the pool without help, and he had most likely been doing this for a while! Rose was not upset or worried, as she knew Elliot knows how to swim. Instead, he gave her a good laugh for the day.

Elliot is a reminder of how clever and mischievous our precious pooches can really be!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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