Adorable Puppy Watches Over his Kids Daily as they Board the School Bus

Adorable Puppy Watches Over his Kids Daily as they Board the School Bus

After a 3-year- long search, Melissa Nixon and her family were thrilled when they found the perfect dog. The loving golden retriever was not only smart, but also family-friendly.

The presence of five kids in the family means that Bentley is kept happily engaged. However, his mornings are even busier. This is because the pup has been tasked with seeing his young charges off to school every morning, and he takes his assignment very seriously.

It took a while, though, for Bentley to let go and entrust his kids to the care of the bus.

Nixon says:

“I think at first he wasn’t sure where this giant yellow object was taking his children, so he would just sit out there confused.”

However, Bentley’s more at ease now that the bus driver acknowledges his presence with a greeting from the loudspeaker. This is after the kids shared the exciting news about this latest addition to their family with their bus driver.

Bentley remains on guard, even with the introduction of online learning. He is aware that when the video plays it means that class is about to begin, and he makes sure that all his children are present.

Although he is now used to the drill, according to Nixon, it was different at first. Bentley did not understand why during certain times the children would not play with him, so he would jump at the screen.

However, at the same time, Bentley is thrilled to have his girls with him, and even makes attempts to join the virtual class. Much as he can’t participate in the schooling, he is content to have all his family at home with him.

Images & Feature Image Source: Melissa Nixon

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