This Adorable Pup's Favorite Past Time Is Belly Rubs!

This Adorable Pup's Favorite Past Time Is Belly Rubs!

If there’s one thing all pups love, it’s a good petting and lots of cuddles. Many dogs are especially crazy about tummy rubs!

They’ll turn over and beg for them the second they see you. But no one loves those belly scratches quite as much as this enthusiastic bulldog puppy here!

This pup’s favorite thing in the world are tummy rubs. When he gets them, he goes absolutely mad with happiness! His whole face lights up and he has the goofiest smile on the whole time. You’d be hard pressed to find a pup anywhere in the world quite as happy as this pup is while he gets his stomach scratched to his heart’s content. What a good boy!

When the tummy rubs are over, the pup flip flops over awkwardly, and his face clearly shows his protesting expression. He’s clearly asking, “Hey, why’d you stop???” There’ll be more tummy rubs later, pup, promise! Don’t forget to like and share this cute video!

Feature Image Source: CuriousGeorgetheBulldog

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