After A Long Day At The Beach, Puppy Takes A Short Nap With Sister!

After A Long Day At The Beach, Puppy Takes A Short Nap With Sister!

Pitbulls get a bad reputation as mean and aggressive dogs when this isn’t even close to the case at all. Kamilla Ferreira learned this first hand when she adopted the adorable 4-month-old Nino.

The people that she walked by were afraid of her, but the truth is, all Nino wants to do is cuddle and spread joy. Now, her neighborhood loves him and he is known as the friendliest dog in town.

Nino especially loves Kamilla’s sister Carol, and whenever they are together, kisses and cuddles are sure to be occurring. On a recent trip to the beach, Nino and Carol spent the day playing on the sand, and in the water. During their car ride home, the two were a tired pair. As Kamilla turned out to check on the two, she saw that Nino had cuddled up right next to Carol taking a nap. He has his head resting on her shoulder, making them the cutest pair.

Kamilla then took a video of these adorable twos nap and posted it on TikTok. Today, this video has been viewed over three million times. Kamilla isn’t surprised, because Nino is one of the cutest dogs she says she has ever seen. The love that Nino has for her family knows no bounds, and Carol has to agree.

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Kamilla says that sometimes his eyes are so bright, he looks like a large furry child, and her video is a perfect example of this.

Images Source: Kamilla Ferreira

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