After Living Together For 13 Years, These Two Siblings Finally Becomes Best Friends!

After Living Together For 13 Years, These Two Siblings Finally Becomes Best Friends!

When Coco the Labrador and Mittens the cat first joined the same household, they were both very young. Their differences in personality, with Coco being gentle and sweet and Mittens being fussy and loud though enjoying a cuddle now and then, made it hard for them to get along at first.

The two pets would often share hugs and cuddles with the rest of their family, but never with each other. The family assumed they’d grow to love each other, but that just never happened. More than a decade passed – a whopping 13 years – and both pets simply ignored each other and refused to be near each other, really sticking to the “fight like cats and dogs” stereotype.

But then, one day, Dad stepped into the living room and his jaw nearly dropped straight to the floor! Mittens and Coco were, for the first time in 13 years, cuddling together. Somehow, they’d set aside their differences and agreed to curl up with each other. There are no clear explanations for this, but Dad Tom has a few ideas.

It’s likely that Mittens has noticed Coco slowing down immensely with age. The two may have realized that they may not have that much time left on earth and have decided to spend their final days, months, and years in peaceful, friendly harmony.

Now, the two sisters are seen cuddling a couple times a day, and even when they’re not joined at the hip, they’re in each other’s general vicinity, enjoying some quiet company. They share the bed for naps or stand next to each other when they try to convince Dad to bless them with treats.

We’ll never know what stopped these two from getting along in the beginning, but now, the two are living out their golden years together. There’s no better way to spend the time!

Images & Feature Image Source: Reddit/SergieKravinoff

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