America's First War Dog Wasn't A German Shepherd. You're Not Going To Believe THIS.

America's First War Dog Wasn't A German Shepherd. You're Not Going To Believe THIS.

When you think of war dogs, you would probably think the first one was, like many others today, a German shepherd pup. You’d be wrong!

The first ever war pup was a pit bull named Stubby, who was a decorated World War One hero and also a Sergeant! Imagine all that achievement for one little pup! Stubby was adopted by Private J. Robert Conroy when he was found living on the streets with a stubbed tail.

The fur ball was given tons of training, which involved him saluting and marching with fellow officers and responding to bugle calls. What a hardworking pup! Stubby was incredibly intelligent.

He learned the difference between English and German soldiers, which allowed him to correctly identify who to help on the battlefield. He also wound up saving the entire army after escaping from deadly mustard gas to warn the soldiers about it.

This amazing fur ball even caught a French spy by biting onto his trousers and pointedly refusing to let go until his fellow soldiers arrived! Who else could even do that?! The army was so impressed by this act that they promoted Stubby to Sergeant.

He was ranked even higher than his daddy, Private Conroy! He went on to win many medals, including the gold medal for heroism. What a good pup!

After 18 months of serving the country, Stubby’s daddy was discharged and took him along to university, where Stubby became the school’s mascot.

Although Stubby passed on in 1926, his achievements led to many more pups following in his paw prints. Today’s war pups sure have some big paws to fill!

Rest in peace, Sergeant Stubby! Your contributions will never be forgotten. Do like and share this if it inspired you.

Feature Image Source: Stubby Dog

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