Another Woman Charged After Dog Was Rescued From Hot Car In Bethany

Although our canine companions cannot speak for themselves, they certainly do still have rights. They do not choose to be placed in our homes, we buy or adopt them and make them a part of the family.

By doing this we also accept that we have a responsibility to look after them and care for them like any other family member. We shall do no harm to them or place them in a harmful situation! One of the regularly broken laws is one relating to leaving a dog in a hot car. Better known as the law of Confinement of an Animal in a Motor Vehicle: Extreme Heat.

It is a serious charge that leads to either a fine or even an arrest! What many dog owners fail to grasp is that the temperature outside is not the same as the temperature inside a car. We all know the feeling of getting into a vehicle again after it has been standing in the sun for a while, NOT pleasant! Recently, a lady residing in the town of Batavia was charged with leaving her poor pooch in her car on a scorching day! She will appear in court in Batavia in due time. Thankfully, her pooch was rescued and is now in the proper care and protection offered by the county animal shelter. This story could have ended very differently if this dog had not been spotted in a car, as the temperature outside was already well into the 80’s. We can only imagine what the temperature inside must have been like! Hopefully, a tough lesson was learned here.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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