Armed Robbers Arrested After A Tiny Hero Pup Foils Their Plans To Steal!

Armed Robbers Arrested After A Tiny Hero Pup Foils Their Plans To Steal!

Many people take precautions against robbers and burglars. They install security systems, arm themselves with all varieties of weapons, and install cameras all around their homes. They may even get themselves a guard dog!

Now, when you think of a guard dog, you think of big, mean, scary pups with fierce loyalty to their homes and sharp rows of teeth. You may think that’s what is necessary to truly deter thieves. But as it turns out, size doesn’t matter – as these robbers found out when a tiny miniature pinscher pup stopped their attempt to break into a home in Northgate Way, Seattle.

A man and his accomplice, who served as a getaway driver, arrived outside the home of their target. The driver waited outside in their extremely obvious, gleaming Jeep Grand Cherokee that was a shimmering gold color – extremely conspicuous and very easy to spot. The Jeep also had a pair of bicycles attached to the roof, making it even easier to see.

While the driver waited, the burglar who was doing the physical work managed to break into the house through its basement window. That’s when he encountered the mini pin pup, who was very upset about the intrusion. The pup barked and growled, snapping at the burglar’s heals as he chased the much larger robber out of his home!

The burglar leaped back into his car empty-handed, and he and his accomplice took off. The Seattle police were quick on the scene when they received a 911 call detailing the robbery from the victim. They managed to catch up to the crooks, who had only managed to get three miles ahead.

The suspects now sit in King County Jail. They are believed to also be responsible for a number of other home burglaries that took place over the festive season.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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