As Soon As This Pup Fell Asleep, He Started Snoring The Roof Off!

What is it about certain breeds of dogs and snoring? You’ll have some pups that never make a peep as they dream, and then you’ll have some that sound like a bulldozer and chainsaw mixed together!

Luckily for them, they’re so adorable that these snores are never annoying or too loud – only endlessly endearing and video-worthy!

Rollo the English bulldog pup takes a daily afternoon nap on the sofa at home, and without fail, the same thing happens every single time. Once he’s in Dreamland, his mouth will open up and he’ll begin to snore very loudly. It’s so noisy that it reverberates through the walls of the house. It’s a wonder he doesn’t wake himself up like that!

How on earth is a noise like that coming from such a cute pup? Where does he store it all? I suppose it’s just one of the many mysteries that pup parents have to face!

Feature Image Source: DJM93

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