Blind Pup Who Was Missing For Over Week Gets Rescued By A Brave Man

Blind Pup Who Was Missing For Over Week Gets Rescued By A Brave Man

We make our homes as safe as possible for our pups, but sometimes the unthinkable happens, and they slip out and get lost. That’s what happened with Sage, a 12-year-old blind Labrador pup in Boulder Creek, California.

Sage’s family accidentally left her outside after playtime, and they searched long and hard for her with the help of ten neighbors, but couldn’t find her. The family put up flyers around town, spoke to everyone in the area, and shared the story on social media. But after eight days, the situation was looking bleak.

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That was until Dan Estrada, Sage’s family’s next door neighbor, was out with his two dogs for a hike. He spotted the pup lying unmoving next to a stream, and at first, his heart sank as he thought she must be dead. But then his friend noticed that she moved her head. She was alive!


Immediately, Estrada rushed to gently wrap the pup in his arm and pet her, and Sage lifted her head and wagged her tail. The pup also noticed Estrada’s two dogs and immediately perked up, excited to see them. Estrada tried to lead her back home, but she hadn’t eaten in eight days and was unable to walk for more than a few steps. So Estrada picked her up over his shoulders and carried her home.

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When Sage’s family finally saw her again, they were overjoyed and overcome with emotion, in tears and extremely happy that she was safe. They had prepared a $1,000 reward for anyone who found her, but Estrada insisted that the money be donated to an animal rescue instead.

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Sage is now safe and sound at home and is recovering well. What a wonderful story! She’s such a strong pup to have pulled through!

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