Canine Influenza Is On The Rise - Here's What You Should Know

Canine Influenza Is On The Rise - Here's What You Should Know

Pup flu can be really infectious and sometimes even as dangerous as human flu! What can we do to spot the symptoms in our canine friends and how can we take action when we see them? Read on to find out what to look out for!

Doggy flu (or canine influenza) is very contagious and can easily be passed on from pooch to pooch. The first thing to know, however, is that it’s very rarely deadly! Still, it’s never nice to see your pup ill, or to have to fork out money for vet bills.

If your pooch has a risk of being exposed to other dogs, they should be given the influenza vaccine immediately, as well as a boost in 3-4 weeks. The virus is very contagious and can be spread even if a dog doesn’t look visibly ill. While it’s obviously not ideal to isolate pups with the virus, it is necessary to try and contain it as much as possible, just to curb its spread.

It’s possible your pooch catches the flu after any interaction with other dogs. Even something as insignificant as a stranger petting them after petting another dog can cause the virus to spread.

When they have the flu, puppies exhibit fever, coughing, and sneezing – just like humans! The virus can only be deadly for dogs with pre-existing conditions – healthy dogs can take a few days up to a few weeks to recover.

Keep an eye out for the telltale signs and share this article to raise awareness of canine influenza!

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