Careless Breeder Dumps Terrified Mom After She Couldn't Have Puppies

Careless Breeder Dumps Terrified Mom After She Couldn't Have Puppies

Staff at a small county shelter were absolutely shocked when they turned up at the Wildomar, California building for their shifts, only to find two poor pups stuffed into their drop box.

The two French bulldogs were in awful condition, left alone overnight to suffer alone. For one of these pups, help arrived too late. The remaining 3-year-old pup was named Phoenix. She was extremely sick and very frightened and stressed out.

Knowing she needed extra help, the shelter contacted foster-based Second Chance Dog Rescue. There was a tight deadline for the pup’s survival. Luckily, the rescue had two available fosters who were experienced with bulldogs and were quick to offer help.

Megan Knight was one of the volunteers who came to pick Phoenix up. The little pup had nails so long they curled over her feet, was completely hairless and covered in scabs, had welts between her toes, and stank something fierce. Her overbred state indicated that she had been thrown out from a breeding facility, likely mothering many, many puppies and spending most of her life neglected in a cage. She clearly had no idea how to be a dog. She had never been socialized or house-trained.

Phoenix was taken to the vet and, thankfully, it seemed that most of her health problems came from allergies and were not from more serious conditions. She had to undergo a long list of treatments: steroids, baths and soaks, antibiotics, antihistamines, and more. With this help, the pup slowly began recovering.

Her condition improved rapidly, and soon she would be able to be spayed. The surgeon on duty then realized something awful: Phoenix had undergone a messy C-section before, and the poor pup’s uterus had been stapled shut completely wrong! The fact that she hadn’t passed away due to infection or a complication was nothing short of a miracle.

This tough, strong survivor of a pup was able to recover from her treatment well. Her foster Mommy was happy to give her the attention she craved. Phoenix also received training so she could be a functional home pet. She was taught commands slowly, and exposed to the wide world bit by bit.

Now, Phoenix loves to play chase and loves going on long, long walks, and enjoys adventures and meeting new pups. Her foster Mom has fallen in love with her, so it looks like Phoenix’s temporary home will become her permanent one! Her journey is a true testament of strength, resilience, and survival, and she is an inspiration to all.

Images & Feature Image Source: Second Chance Dog Rescue

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