Choosing Between The Different Kinds Of Toys For Your Fur Ball!

Choosing Between The Different Kinds Of Toys For Your Fur Ball!

Every fur ball needs toys because it keeps them occupied, amused and entertained especially when you’re not around to interact with them. Besides giving your pup something to chew on, toys are essential when it comes to raining puppies! Read more here!

But with a myriad of toys available in the market, how do you know which one to pick? Well let me tell you that it isn’t difficult, in fact, it’s fun to choose and buy toys for your fur ball! Take a look at a few favorites below!


Before you buy chewies, you need to consider the size of your pup and how much of a chewer she is, mild or aggressive. Chew toys come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and textures. Some chewies allow you to fill them with tasty treats like peanut butter!

This makes chewing interesting for your pups and also discourages them to chew on your shoes, papers, furniture and what not! Chewies are designed stimulate your pup’s gums and remove plaque. However keep in mind that you must monitor your pup’s chew toys. If they’re worn out or chewed to the point that your pup can easily swallow them, replace them immediately.



All pups whether big or small love toys that make sounds when squeezed, however this can be quite an expensive proposition especially if the squeaker stops working. Before you get squeakies, make sure that you keep in mind, again, your pup’s size and the material of the toy. If it’s too soft chances are it’ll be done with by the time you reach home!


If you want your pup to have fun and remain healthy you need to get fetchies – toys you can throw for your pup to fetch or retrieve. While many people use Frisbees to play fetch, you must understand that a lot of fur balls get hurt when they leap after flying discs. Some of them even required surgeries on their knees and backs.

You might think, “Well, what about the tennis ball?” While it may look safe, you shouldn’t allow your fur ball to chew on a tennis ball or let him play with it without adult supervision. Because our pups have such powerful jaws, it’s easy for them to compress the ball till it accidentally logs into their throat, suffocating them immediately.

When you’re playing with flying discs or tennis balls, play soft, encourage him to run, not jump. As soon as you’re done playing, put the tennis ball and the flying disc away from their reach. Please SHARE this post with everyone you know.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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