Crafters Actually Used Old Furniture To Make Incredible Beds For Pups!

Crafters Actually Used Old Furniture To Make Incredible Beds For Pups!

Up-cycling is taking an old, discarded piece of furniture and turning into something new and fabulous. That is just what the mother-daughter team at Sheltie Shacks does with unwanted dressers.

They paint, add lighting (to some), add pillows, and wall art to make a stylish bed for your fur baby! The best part is that all the proceeds from sales go to charity! A variety of charities benefit from the sales – so you can feel good that you gave your dog a comfy, personalized bed and you helped dogs in need! The demand is so high for the products that they are selling at auction!

The process is simple, they collect unwanted furniture from all over Shetland (the islands located north of Scotland), or the furniture is donated. All the furniture is disassembled, sanded down, glued, painted, and wallpapered! Then a touch of vintage flair is added to each new bed. The last step is to sell the newly up-cycled bed and give all the proceeds to charity!

All the beds are made with a cushion on the bottom made from memory foam, to give your dog years of comfort! The mom and daughter team started making beds just as a fun project – and a way to keep them out of trouble. They regularly volunteer their time, and together, they have a pack of seven dogs! The two women are dedicated to helping others and making the lives of dogs around the world better! Check out their website to see more of their work!

Feature Image Source: Sheltie Shacks

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