Cute German Shepherd Puppies Explore The Outdoors!

Cute German Shepherd Puppies Explore The Outdoors!

These German shepherd puppies are cuuuute! They’re all black, all playful, and they all want the same orange toy!

That makes the situation even more adorable! The special orange toy is making these puppies roll over, kiss and even give barking a try!

While the German Shepherd dog is often mainly associated in most people’s mind with working roles such as police work, guarding and security, as the name suggests, the German Shepherd (also occasionally referred to as the Alsatian) actually originated as a combined working herding and guarding dog for use with herds of cattle or sheep. – Source.

These little puppies won’t be working anytime soon, but they sure are adorable!

Watch the video below to see the adorable shepherd puppies!

Feature Image Source: German Shepherd Немецкая овчарка

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