Dealing With Dogs And Toddlers

Dealing With Dogs And Toddlers

Dogs and Toddlers are one and the same. Taking care of them and keeping them out of trouble is a task that is exhausting and chaotic.

According to one study, most dogs are on the same level as the average 2-year old human. Having both at the same time means double the trouble. Here’s how you can deal with both at the same time, keeping them healthy, happy, and more importantly, out of trouble:

Beware the following

It is tough to think about the dangers that can happen, but it is a reality. They are both naturally curious and tend to taste, bite and play with stuff they should not. Other dangers include allergies, minor scratches, or even your toddler getting innocently knocked over by your dog. In more severe cases, aggression can lead to dog bites.

On the other hand, toddlers can be a bit rough during play and can hurt dogs. Dogs may also get hurt when chewing on things such as pacifiers or diapers which can lead to GI upset or obstruction.

Safety tips

Before introducing your dog and toddler, you must have a safety plan in mind that will cater to both of their needs. Here are some things you must do to ensure they are safe:

  1. Keep a watchful eye- A responsible person should also be present whenever a dog and toddler are interacting no matter how gentle either of them is.
  2. Keep them separated- Ensure they are separate when you cannot keep a watchful eye. This is the only way to prevent harm from befalling either of them.
  3. Pay attention to your dog’s triggers- Knowing what annoys your dog is important because it can prevent poor reactions when your toddler does something innocently. You should always educate your toddler as best as possible on what never to do.
  4. Encourage calm and kind behavior- You should teach both your dog and toddler to be calm and relaxed at all times to prevent serious injury to each other.
  5. Never assume things will be fine- The biggest mistake you can make is to assume nothing will ever go wrong. Always assume the worst, even if they are only trying to play with each other. Accidents happen, similarly, they both have boundaries.
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