Determined Mom Bakes A Cake That Looks Just Like Her Dog!

Determined Mom Bakes A Cake That Looks Just Like Her Dog!

“Awwww! He’s so cute, I could eat him up!”

You’ve heard the saying that a baby looks cute enough to eat. But Madeline Pultz took things literally when she decided to bake a cake that looked like her beloved dog, Mystique.

You might not be surprised to hear that it was during the quarantine that Madeline had her bright idea. Bored, and an avid baker already, Madeline looked at Mystique and was struck with inspiration. She had ingredients in the kitchen, so why not put them to good use?

Under Mystique’s watchful eye, Madeline gathered the ingredients and started about her craft. She measured and weighed, sifted and mixed, whisked, and poured. It was tiring work. It took her about four hours to finish the masterpiece. All the while, Mystique looked on patiently, keeping mum company and modeling for the cake’s design, of course.

Finally, the cake was made. It was time for the big reveal. Madeline opened the oven…

And it certainly shared some of Mystique’s best features. Adorable and goofy, in Madeline’s own words! When she posted the cake on Instagram, Madeline’s friends thought it was hilarious. But Pultz was satisfied with the outcome. Especially for a first attempt and with no planning beforehand.

With a little practice, who knows the dizzying heights this newfound talent could take Madeline and Mystique! Oh, and did they eat the cake? Of course, they did! Even if Madeline’s fiancé did think it was a little weird digging into their little pup!

Images & Feature Image Source: Madelynn Pultz

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