Did You Know That Cold And Flu Medicine Can Harm Your Pets?

Did You Know That Cold And Flu Medicine Can Harm Your Pets?

When your pup gets a cold or flu, you might be tempted to give them some of your own stash of human medication.

But these medicines can actually have severe adverse effects on your fur balls, so even leaving them out where pups can get to them is dangerous. Here’s a list of dangerous medicines for pups!


Even a small amount of this medicine can lead to gastric ulceration, and large amounts of it can cause permanent damage to your pup’s kidneys. The enteric coating around ibuprofen can even seem yummy to pups, making them want to eat a lot of it! This also goes for other non-steroidal pain medication.


Also known as diphenhydramine, this medication isn’t even 100% safe for humans. There have been studies that suggest that older antihistamines contribute to human dementia, so don’t leave this pills out where your pup can find them. Only give them to your fur ball if the vet says so!

Visine® eye drops

These work by constricting blood vessels, so imagine if a pup chews on a bottle of them! It can lead to vomiting, unsteadiness, and even death.


This chemical is present in most OTC decongestant medications and stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems of pups, leading to tremors, panting, and wide pupils. If you notice these symptoms in your pup, check to see if you left some medication out and bring it along to the vet with you.


This is present in cough suppressants and some veterinary medicines. However, according to ASPCA Poison Control, several pups overdose and develop allergic reactions to it. Small doses in pups lead to depression and stomach upsets, but larger quantities can cause seizures and agitation.

Keep your pups safe by keeping these medicines away from them! Before giving your pup any medicine, always check with the vet first. Don’t forget to like and share with other fur ball mommies and daddies, too!

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