Diet Affects Your Dog's Skin, According To Research

Diet Affects Your Dog's Skin, According To Research

Countless researchers from the University of Helsinki have started to compare dry and raw dog foods when learning more about skin gene expression.

Skin gene expression is how we discover and evaluate skin modulation and how we can improve the process over time. These studies have begun to show that diet makes all the difference in the way a dog’s skin is expressed and formed. These effects are positive in terms of boosting a dog’s immune system, giving them the antioxidants needed, and for the inflammatory process. Raw foods are most likely the ones activating the skin’s immune defense system, as well as increasing antioxidant production over time.

When dogs are puppies, feeding them food that will boost their immune systems and protect them against deficiencies is ideal for the long run. Feeding them the correct foods will reduce the risk of their skin becoming atopic, and decrease the possibility of skin inflammation. Some dogs that already have atopic skin issues can also benefit from eating raw foods. These types of raw foods play a key role in the normal functioning of a dog’s skin barrier.

48 dogs were chosen to undergo further food studies, and among those selected, only 8 were picked for RNA sequencing. These 8 dogs were incredibly healthy and represented the two food groups well. These studies lasted around 4 months and revealed interesting results. Raw foods not only proved to be beneficial for all dogs but also improved the skin of those dogs that suffer from atopic skin conditions. Because this study was only done on a small number of dogs, the results are preliminary, but as of now, raw dog food is proving to be helpful so it’s worth serving in the meantime.

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