What Is The Difference Between American And English Labradors?

What Is The Difference Between American And English Labradors?

Did you know that there are different types of Labrador pups? While there is no official distinction between English Labradors and American Labradors, there are clear traits between them that set them apart.

Here’s a little list of their unique differences!

1. Purpose

English Labradors usually refer to those bred for conformation and show purposes, while American Labradors typically mean those bred for field and hunting. However, there are exceptions to this rule!

2. Breeding standards

American Labs have a standard height of 21.5 to 24.5 inches, while English Labs are bred between 21.5 and 22.5 inches. Apart from this, breeding standards are identical.

3. Appearance

This may be where the breeds differ the most. English Labs appear heavier and bigger, often with blocky and barreled chests that make them seem wider. Their faces are usually fuller and have shorter muzzles. Their necks, coats, and tails are thicker as well, while their necks are shorter.

Meanwhile, American Labs are lighter and appear much slimmer, with an athletic build and a lithe and agile look. They have narrower skulls, leading to streamlines muzzles and features. Their coats are much thinner and their tails, necks, and legs are longer and more slender.

4. Temperament

English Labs are calm and tend to have a much more laid-back nature than American Labs. They can be sweet and mellow and tend to be a lot less active. As such, they’re often considered to be much easier to train. They make great family pets and are likely to enjoy curling up at your feet at the end of the day.

On the other hand, American Labs, being bred for hunting and field work, have a much higher energy level and can be very active and demanding of physical activity. As such, these pups are considered much more high-strung and even more stubborn, with strong, big personalities that might better suit life as a working dog. These pups best fit into homes where they can be trained well and disciplined as needed.

However, both English and American breeds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, affection, and compassion that leads to a lack of aggression and a desire to please their Mommies and Daddies.

So what should you choose?

Depending on the kind of home you have and the level of activity you can offer your pup, you can choose which breed of Labrador is better suited to your needs! Do like and share away!

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