Do You Have A Kong Toy For Your Furball? Here's What You Can Fill It With!

Do You Have A Kong Toy For Your Furball? Here's What You Can Fill It With!

Kong Toys are a well-known favorite of pups, especially when there are delicious treats inside! There are many great recipes to stuff into Kong toys to give your beloved fur balls some delicious surprises!

For the basics, you can use your pup’s regular food to fill a Kong by mixing it in with cream cheese first. You could also soak the normal dog food in chicken broth, place inside the Kong, and then freeze. Want to step it up a notch? Use both canned and dried food combined with pasta noodles, mashed potatoes, and rice. That’s definitely a delightful twist on your pup’s normal fare!

Is your fur ball a peanut butter fan? You can combine three spoonfuls of it with a ripe banana and a slice of cheese, then put the well-blended mixture into the Kong and freeze. Alternatively, you can mix cheerios in with some peanut butter to make a crunchy treat! You’ll also need to freeze this after. For a healthy fiber booster, you can also mix bran cereal with peanut butter. Your pup is sure to thank you!

Maybe you want to try replicating some human foods? For some real gourmet-style yumminess, mix together some beef, a scrambled egg, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and cheese and serve your pup a five-star meal. You can also present your fur ball with a mac-and-cheese surprise by filling a Kong with cooked noodles and pouring it over with a melted cube of Velveeta cheese (gooey, not runny!).

Or give your pup a healthy treat high in Omega-3 fatty acids by mixing a 6oz can of light tuna, two tablespoons of plain yogurt, and a quarter cup of grated carrot. Put the mixture into the toy and freeze, and ta-da! Delicious! The possibilities are endless, so go on, experiment with Kong cuisine! Don’t forget to like and share so other mommies and daddies can spice up their pups’ Kong toys, too!

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