Dog Accidentally Ingests Drugs While On Her Daily Walk

Dog Accidentally Ingests Drugs While On Her Daily Walk

Zelda is a 3-year-old Spunky poodle and Chihuahua mix whose favorite activity is walking around her neighborhood in San Diego. However, after her usual walk one day, she suddenly started behaving erratically.

“She began moving her leg erratically and it got more and more complicated,” Zelda’s mum, Roger Dunn, said in an interview with CBS 8 San Diego.

Dunn took Zelda to the vet immediately, and after a urine test, they discovered that her behavior was a reaction to being exposed to drugs – methamphetamine and amphetamine. Zelda was given an IV drip and a sedative to counter the effects of the drugs. It took about 36 hours before the poor pup started feeling like herself again.

When Dunn shared Zelda’s experience on NextDoor to warn other dog parents in her neighborhood to help their dogs from falling victim to a similar incident, she was shocked to learn that several of her neighbors’ dogs had already experienced it.

The incident is a serious cause for concern. It would help if every dog parent were cautious and mindful of what their dogs eat when they are outdoor. If you notice your dog acting unusually after their walk, contact your vet immediately for a check-up.

Image Credit: YouTube

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