Dog Can’t Keep Calm After Learning How to Use a Touch Lamp

Dog Can’t Keep Calm After Learning How to Use a Touch Lamp

Let me introduce you to Slug. A furry, cute little dog. Slug’s normal day involves all the usual dog activities. Chasing her tail, snuggling with her parents, barking at random things, stuff like that.

But on this particular day. Everything changed. Slug realized that she had the power to control light. It was all by accident. Slug was just bored and chasing a fly around the house. Then just as she was about to pounce on it something unexpected happened. The house was filled with darkness. Then she tried to pounce again and the house was filled with light.

She couldn’t believe it. All this time she had been stressing about her small stature wondering why she couldn’t be as big as the dogs she saw on the streets and yet she had power over light. If only they could see her now! But, there was one person who was watching her. Her mom. However, instead of applauding or being shocked, she was just laughing.

Slug didn’t get it. So, she went on summoning light and darkness in intervals for about an hour. Perhaps looking for the applaud that she felt she deserved. “She just kept going back and turning it on and off throughout the evening,” Natalie Hart who is Slug’s mom said. The applaud never came. Natalie went on to post the video on Twitter with the caption, “Slug is now using the touch lamp. How’s your evening going?”

The video has now been viewed 6.6k times and retweeted 55 times. Hopefully, the world will appreciate Slug’s incredible powers!

Feature Image Source: Natalie Hart

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