Dog Finds Backyard Swings And It's The Happiest Thing You'll See Today!

Dog Finds Backyard Swings And It's The Happiest Thing You'll See Today!

If you are a dog parent then you know all too well about the need to run, play and explore. Whether that be by going out for a walk, running around in the backyard, playing with toys, or making up games of your own, this type of involvement is beneficial.

Your little friends love it when you join in on the fun, but if you aren’t able to, sometimes they won’t shy away from trying it themselves. For some animals, such as Tuba, nothing beats his love for the swing – not toys, not a walk, and not cuddles. A simple backyard swing!

In the viral video that has been quite popular over the last few weeks, Tuba seems to be having more fun while twisting and twirling on his family’s backyard swing, which isn’t what it was typically used for. Looking exactly like a young child, Tuba chooses the swing for all forms of pleasure.

Whenever his grandpa or other visitors stop by to play, Tuba skips the balls or other toys, and goes straight towards the swing. Videos that were taken shortly after the original blew up, have shown that even he gets a bit jealous of others having fun while swinging. In the most recently shared video, Tuba goes straight for his dad, pulling his pant legs in hopes of freeing up his favorite pastime.

His parents aren’t sure as to when Tuba first fell in love with his swing, but as you all know, sometimes true love doesn’t need a long explanation.

Feature Image Source: Instagram

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