Dog Food Has Been Recalled After An Unfortunate Death Of A Police Dog

Dog Food Has Been Recalled After An Unfortunate Death Of A Police Dog

In a sad tragedy that caused eight police dogs to fall sick and one to have to be put down, a pet food company is recalling one of their dog food varieties as a precaution due to a possible causation.

Mars Petcare Australia found out that a large number of the Victoria police’s K9 squad dogs had come down with megaesophagus, an illness that causes the oesophagus to swell and become blocked. Although this condition isn’t typically linked with food, the company felt it was a safer move to simply issue a recall of the food that these pups had consumed shortly before falling ill.

The company released a statement that they considered the wellbeing of the pets of the country to be extremely important and their top priority. As of now, testing on the recalled foods has not revealed any links between the sickness and the products, but Mars Petcare Australia wishes to follow through on the full recall. Meanwhile, veterinarians are working tirelessly to find out what caused the illness, especially after the first case of it occured back in December.

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The recalled product is Mars Petcare’s ADVANCE Dermocare dry dog food, which is sold in 3kg, 8kg, and 15kg bags. Those who have purchased these products can return it to the store they bought it from to receive a full refund. Should you have questions or concerns, you can contact your local vet or Mars Petcare’s customer care line.

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