Dog Heartbroken After His Dad Is Left With No Choice But To Leave Him At Shelter

Dog Heartbroken After His Dad Is Left With No Choice But To Leave Him At Shelter

For 11 years, Blue Bear had a wonderful home and a dad and had nothing but happy moments. However, that all changed last week.

When the dad was left with no place to stay, he had to take his mastiff to Trenton Animals Rock. Blue Bear was confused – he could see his dad crying and he could see they were no longer at home, but he didn’t know the changes that would transpire.

The mastiff kept barking and looked very intimidating to the workers in the shelter. That was until his dad asked him to sit. Danielle Gletow approached them and it didn’t take her long to realize that Blue Bear wasn’t aggressive, just sad, scared, and confused. As he put his head against her waist and let her pet him, she felt her heart break for both pup and dad.

She promised that Blue Bear wouldn’t have to stay at the shelter and started looking for a foster parent for him. However, without his dad, the seemingly intimidating mastiff just started to cry. The shelter workers tried to put Blue Bear in a kennel for a bit while they sort out his situation, but seeing just how sad he looked, they couldn’t bear it. This is why they took him into the office, where he laid his head on Danielle’s lap.

Whenever Blue Bear got the opportunity, he would just sit in front of the door and cry, literally. Tears would fall down his face. Gletow promised him she wouldn’t go home until they found him a foster home. However, it is never easy to place an 11-year-old pup that is 130 pounds and has severe arthritis. What changed everything was a Facebook video. It prompted hundreds of people to reach out. One of them was the local foster called Madison.

She took Blue Bear in and started trying to help him decompress. And while his dad’s situation remains uncertain, Gletow and Madison are looking for a better place for the pup to stay during his golden years. They plan on keeping him in foster care until Blue Bear is calm enough to be seen by a vet, and then they will get him on the needed medication for his condition. Meanwhile, they will also look for a home with parents who have experience with bigger puppers.

The story of Blue Bear is just one of many examples of Trenton Animals Rock helping pets in need. Gletow notes with disappointment that a lot of people don’t realize that this shelter has a no-kill policy and are afraid to call. They have been and will keep trying to make the place even more welcoming. Moreover, they want people to understand that Trenton Animals Rock can be a resource rather than a last resort. While the future of Blue Bear remains to be seen, there is one thing that we know for certain – there need not be more tears.

If you live in the Trenton area and are interested in fostering Blue Bear, you can apply here.

Image Credit: Trenton Animals Rock

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