Dog Owners Wait More Than 2 Years To Let Their Dogs Play In This Unusual Dog Park

Dog Owners Wait More Than 2 Years To Let Their Dogs Play In This Unusual Dog Park

It’s no secret that pups love trips to the dog park. But no matter how many parks you’ve brought your pup to, you’ve probably never seen one quite like this exclusive Southeast Washington D.C. dog park with a waiting list of about two years long.

The park is a membership based leash-free area measuring 35 acres that promises unlimited access all year, but there’s one unique feature – it’s within the gates of the Congressional Cemetery in the area. It’s known as the K9 Corps program, and it was originally launched in the 1970s to protect the cemetery, which was in bad shape back then.

Now, annual memberships at this park cost $300 per year. These fees, accompanied by the funds from people “adopting” graves as well as donations, have helped those in charge rebuild the cemetery as it honors and houses many historical figures. It costs $75 to be added to the extremely long waiting list that no holds more than 500 people. Membership is limited to 600 members and 770 dogs. However, day passes are available for non-members on the waiting list at $10 per day!

It’s definitely not a conventional dog park, and it may raise concerns to those who worry that families of those buried in the Congressional Cemetery may not be happy with the arrangements. Luckily, those families actually are quite pleased with the wonderful community that the program allows. Would you join the waiting list and become a member at this cemetery dog park? Do like and share this sensational and interesting story!

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