Dog With Broken Legs Gets Dumped With Rotten Food

Dog With Broken Legs Gets Dumped With Rotten Food

Sadly, some cold-hearted people can abandon their innocent pets when caring for them is no longer convenient. A rescuer, Shafi Taru, recently met a stray dog in that situation.

The dog’s parents dumped her in the middle of nowhere, leaving her with a coat to keep her warm and a small portion of food. By the time Shafi discovered the poor dog, the food was rotten already, and the dog was feeding on it, regardless. Shafi took her to the vet immediately to get medical attention.

The dog was in severe pain when Shafi rescued her. It was a good thing that she showed up when she did to take her to the veterinarian, as it turned out that the dog had broken both her back legs in three different places.

Shafi decided to name the dog Notka and help her through her healing and recovery process. Notka kept mostly to herself and limited her interactions. It was as though she was afraid to open up to people again and get disappointed. With time, however, she started socializing little by little.

Notka is doing pretty well now after her surgery. Thankfully, Shafi took her in to care for her and help her heal without hassle.

As soon as she started recovering, she became more interactive than before, thanks to Shafi not giving up on her.

Image Credit: YouTube

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