Effective Ways To Give Your Dog A Pill!

Effective Ways To Give Your Dog A Pill!

Every mum knows, if there’s one thing kids and pups have in common, it’s that they hate being sick, but they hate taking medicine even more!

Funny when you think of all the outlandish things a dog will happily chow down! But still, it can be a real nightmare getting those meds down. Let alone keeping them down! So we’re here to make it a little easier for you with some tips to get your pup to take that pill.

1. A spoonful of sugar…

Like we said before, your dog will happily scoff all sorts of foods and non-foods! So one way to get that pill down is to sweeten the deal by hiding it in something your pup likes. Try pushing the pill into a soft treat or coating it with your four-legged friend’s favorite flavors.

2. A little crush…

Some dogs might call your bluff with Tip #1, and you’ll have to try a little harder. Instead of hiding the pill whole, try crushing it into a powder and mixing it in with your pup’s meal. It’s much harder to avoid the medicine this way.

3. A helping hand…

If your pup is just too clever to be fooled by the above suggestions—maybe he just leaves his food altogether—then you might need to get more hands on.

“Pilling” is a technique that involves pushing the poll to the back of your dog’s throat with your fingers until he cannot help but swallow. Just be careful you don’t catch an accidental bite.

Whatever strategy you choose, it can feel a little forceful if it’s your first time, but trust us, your pup will thank you when he’s feeling better.

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