Embarrassed Dad Strips To Get Dog Who Refused To Leave Water Fountain!

The antics of our four-legged family members often have us in a position of laughter and sometimes leave us, uhm, absolutely red-faced!

While often making out to be the picture of angelic perfection themselves, we know that they can be tyrants when they want to be. Acting out in public seems to be a classic move by our mischievous mutts, but we simply cannot stay mad at them when they give us that doe-eyed look of shame. Recently, a pet parent found himself in this exact situation.

Kane Baker, the proud dad of Bella Baker, was taking his dashing dog out for a walk to the park. Bella loves water, so when they reached the fountain, she just had to have a quick splash. However, Kane soon realized that this splash was in fact, no going to be so quick.

Bella was having the time of her life playing in the fountain and did not want to get out. Kane called her over and over again, but Bella had plans of her own. Eventually, Kane had no choice but to strip down to his underwear and get into the fountain himself to fetch her. Feeling no sense of shame, Bella came out of the fountain with him panting with glory.

Kane Baker

Posted by Steve Pye on Thursday, 21 May 2020

It goes without saying that Kane could not stay mad at Bella for very long and he is happy they could give the local park a good laugh. Bella reminds us that our four-legged friends will always keep us on our toes indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Kane Baker

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