This Lucky English Bulldog Is Enjoying His Daily Massage!

This Lucky English Bulldog Is Enjoying His Daily Massage!

We can proudly add one more thing to the list that we and our dogs have in common! We both enjoy massages a lot, especially after a long hard-working day!

We’re not sure if Titus the English bulldog has had a long work day, but either way he really enjoys the massage!

Titus just sprawls out on his back and completely relaxes his body for a good quality belly rub combo leg massage. He sure knows how to live and it is so sweet seeing a dog being pampered so much!

If you ask me, every dog deserves all the pampering and love in the world!

The video title says “English Bulldog gets his daily massage” which mans this lucky bulldog is having a pretty good life! Having a message treatment every day is not something we all can afford, but when you live the good life like Titus, it’s a requirement!

The original uploader of this video said, “Titus loves belly rubs and massages. Here he lies still on the makeshift massage table as his auntie gives him a quick rub down. Yes, he is spoiled!”

Not a bad life! See his relaxing massage on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the bulldog enjoying his massage!

Source: English Bulldog gets his daily massage by titusbulldog on Rumble

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