Experts Warn That Moderately Hot Days Can Still Be Dangerous To Pets In Cars

Experts Warn That Moderately Hot Days Can Still Be Dangerous To Pets In Cars

It’s not a secret that it is dangerous to leave your pup alone in the car ever, but the danger that comes with that warning is especially real on hot days.

But it’s worth noting that just because you think it isn’t too warm, doesn’t mean that it’s any safer to leave Fido in there while you make a pitstop or run errands.

As a rule, it’s important that you always make sure to consider the temperature of the day before heading out with your pup and deciding whether or not it’d be a good idea to leave them alone in the car. Why? Even in short periods, the temperature inside a car can heat to high degrees that are fatal to anyone – and that includes pups!

How bad can it get? According to a study conducted by Stanford University, if the outside temperature is just about 72 degrees, the inside of a car can peek to 117 degrees within an hour, with the internal temperature rising 19 degrees in the first ten minutes alone. And cracking the windows doesn’t do much to prevent this at all!

Summer is here. If you are going somewhere and won’t be able to bring your dog inside with you, please leave them at home. Or if you are traveling with another person, take turns waiting with your dog. It breaks our hearts every summer to see dogs passing away due to heat stroke – something that can so easily be avoided.

In some states, leaving an animal or pet alone in a car under hot weather – or in any way that could endanger them – is a serious offense that could cost you both hefty fines and jail time. And it would severely hurt your pup, too.

Please help us prevent more dogs from becoming overheated this summer – keep an eye out in parking lots and don’t hesitate to notify the authorities if you see an animal in distress.

Please like and share this information with other pup parents so we can help get the word out and help save more dogs!

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