This Family Dog Died Because The U.S. Government Put This Tool Up Without Warning

This Family Dog Died Because The U.S. Government Put This Tool Up Without Warning

A horrible incident has resulted in the death of an innocent pup thanks to an M44 cyanide device – something that many have been fighting to get banned for years.

While out on a walk in Pocatello, Idaho, 14-year-old Canyon Manfield and his 3-year-old pup Casey spotted an odd device sticking out of the ground. Curious, Canyon touched it, and orange cyanide powder shot out of it.


In an instant, the boy saw his pup lying on the floor, eyes turning glassy and frothing at the mouth. By the time Canyon had run for his parents, the pup had passed away. Luckily, Canyon had been upwind of the trap, and though his clothes were covered in the powder, a medical test revealed him to be fine. But his best friend was gone forever.


M44s are cyanide traps intended to kill coyotes, baited with scents that will attract them. Pulling on the trap sets off the cyanide, which strangles cells and causes the victim to suffocate to death. But over 3,400 other animals have been killed unintentionally by these traps, and those are only the cases that have been reported.


The worst part is that few are ever informed of these devices and no signs are put up, so they go unknown until someone finds them and learns of their danger the hard way. The USDA is meant to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, but there is no denying the poor management and horrifying danger that these traps bring, not to mention the ethical concerns it brings up.


Casey’s family is working to cope with their loss, and many activists are using their case as evidence for why M44s should be banned. What do you think? Please like and share to get a conversation going. Rest in peace, Casey – you deserved better.

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