Family Waits 27 Hours Outside Shelter To Adopt Dog With Heart-Shaped Patch Of Fur!

We as dog-lovers will absolutely go the extra mile for our precious pooches. When we choose a new canine companion to add to our families, we spend a lot of time searching for shelters to find the perfect pup for us.

Some of us, however, will go to whatever lengths they need to, to get the pup of their dreams!

Oklahoma’s Broken Arrow Animal Shelter was home to a beautiful Border Collie with very unique markings. This beautiful dog has a white heart shape fur marking on her black fur chest. When it was getting close to the time of her adoption, the animal shelter advertised her on social media. The pictures of her went viral and she even made the Fox23 News channel. Hundreds of applicants wanted her, and the phone calls were flooding into the shelter. However, there was one man in particular who was willing to do whatever it takes to make her part of the family.

Twenty-seven hours before she was available for adoption, Kyle Johnson started camping out in front of the shelter to ensure he was first in line. He wanted to give her a beautiful home with his sister and thought she would make the perfect wedding gift. The Border Collie, now named Luna, was indeed adopted by Kyle. His sister received what was possibly the most special wedding gift imaginable, and Luna has a perfect new home!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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