Firefighter Poses With This Pup... Ends Up Adopting Her After Falling In Love!

Firefighter Poses With This Pup... Ends Up Adopting Her After Falling In Love!

Some pups and their parents can meet in the strangest of ways! Kimber the 13-month-old German shepherd pup met her Daddy, Rob Tackett, when he arrived to pose shirtless with her for the Charleston firefighter 2017 calendar.

But at the time, she had a family of her own – Steve Hall and his wife. Kimber hadn’t had the easiest start to life. She was found on the street, covered in mange and very malnourished, and sent to the Charleston Animal Society.


She was also wary and nervous around men, indicating that something had happened in her past to make her feel that way. But somehow, she wasn’t frightened of Tackett. She was a little nervous at first, but once Tackett pet her and picked her up, she calmed right down, and Tackett immediately fell in love with her.

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Hall, who was Kimber’s Daddy at the time, was surprised by how comfortable the pup was with Tackett. The two men stayed in touch after the photoshoot, and when Hall hurt his back and needed surgery, he asked Tackett to look after Kimber for a while. The two were happily reunited and eager to see each other again.

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But when Hall didn’t get better after his surgery, he made a tough call and asked Tackett to adopt Kimber permanently. Tackett agreed. Kimber and her new Daddy have been living together for quite a while, and they’ve become inseparable.

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The pup has become so much more confident in that time, too. Her Daddy describes her as a loving, playful, and calm pup. Hall comes by to visit whenever he can, and the pup couldn’t be happier with her life! Do like and share this wonderful story!

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