Fluffy Beagle Pups Show The World Their Sibling Love!

Fluffy Beagle Pups Show The World Their Sibling Love!

These beagle puppies are just 9 weeks old, but when you see them playing together like this, it’s like they were born with the ability to play like this! Sibling love, I tell you! You have to see this!

These beagle pups remind me of my beagle fur balls when I brought them home for the first time! They just wouldn’t stop playing! But here’s something that has always confused me, are they playing or are they fighting? As pet parents you may also have gotten confused when two puppies are together playing like what you’re about to see on page 2. So how can you tell if the play is going well?

According to QuickAndDirtyTips, “Look for constant, fluid, loose movement. As the play goes on, you may see the dogs take turns being on the bottom or being chaser and chasee. Watch the dogs’ faces. Look for open mouths. You may see teeth and hear snarls and growls, but again these will be in the context of fluid movement and lots of change–the dogs won’t lock into any one position. Their ears and the corners of their mouths will likely be back rather than forward.”

Now take a look at these fur balls playing together on page 2 below!

Page 2 Here!

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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