Generous Donation Gives Vulnerable Pets A Second Chance At Life

Generous Donation Gives Vulnerable Pets A Second Chance At Life

Many animal shelters and rescues are non-profit organizations that sometimes struggle to afford the care that the pets under their roof require.

Many are entirely reliant on donations, as well, which makes it much more difficult to stay afloat.

That’s why the Yakima Humane Society of Washington state was thrilled to receive $90,000 from Pet Net Washington, a Seattle-based foundation that aims to improve animal welfare. The main reason behind this donation is to aim to cut back on the euthanasia of pets in the shelter.

Cindy Koch, President of Pet Net Washington, hopes that these funds may go into a spaying and neutering program that will reduce the number of stray animals in the area as well. The funding is likely to finally allow such a neuter and return program to come to fruition.

A vet from the Yakima Humane Society, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, says that the donation is greatly appreciated as it will allow the organization to begin implementing services, especially for wild cats in the area, as well as help them purchase necessary equipment and even offer surgical assistance.

This $90,000 will be donated in three stages over the next three years and is a donation that seeks to end the number of animals put down in Yakima. Awesome news to our animal friends in the Yakima area!

We love hearing great news like this!

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