His Girlfriend Did Not Like His Pup So He Put Up This Ad On Craigslist

His Girlfriend Did Not Like His Pup So He Put Up This Ad On Craigslist

If you, a loving pup parent with a heart, moved in together with your partner and found that said partner does not want a dog in the house, what would you do?

Well this man had the best response to his less-than-ideal girlfriend of four years demanding he give up his beagle, Molly.

He went onto Craigslist and put up a picture of his pup, writing alongside it, “My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly. So I have to rehome her.” But as it turns out, he isn’t advertising his pup – he’s advertising his girlfriend. Ooh, burn!

It’s even more hilarious as he goes into more detail about this girlfriend. He describes her as not totally trained, high maintenance, only eating expensive food, and sleeping while he works. He also clearly states that she’s not the type to greet you at the door or offer unconditional love. She doesn’t bite, he also cautions, but she can sure be mean!


Yikes! Looks like their relationship wasn’t a happy one! It’s a little harsh, to be sure, but what can you expect? It’s about someone with such a huge hatred for dogs! At the end of the day, it’s a good thing that the ex-girlfriend in question was dumped and that this man gets to carry on his life with his beagle pup, who clearly loves him more, anyway!

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