Girl Is Surprised With Golden Retriever Puppy!

Girl Is Surprised With Golden Retriever Puppy!

In the modern world, many people ask for things like phones, watches, and cool new clothes, but there is something to be said for asking for something bigger – years of dedicated friendship. Hannah asked for a golden retriever puppy for Christmas, but she didn’t think she was going to get one. That is, until a special little golden retriever puppy showed up on Christmas eve with a red bow tied around his neck!

New phones will get slower, clothes out of fashion, but a dog will love you with all of his heart for his entire life, and when you’ll notice that cute little face, you will too!

See the video of the surprise on page 2!

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The important thing is if you are considering getting or giving a puppy for Christmas, make sure you are comfortable committing to the puppy for life. When it becomes a grown dog and eventually an old dog, be sure you are willing to commit to it.

Watch the video below to see the Golden retriever puppy surprise moment!

Feature Image Source: Mya Quarture

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